Dr. Ch. Subrahmanyam


Ph.D. 1985 I.I.T. (Physics) Madras.


I have close to three decades of Information Technology industry experience. I began my career in 1982 as a Developer (Programmer) in E.C.I.L(Electronics Corporation of India Limited) and grew to positions of C.T.O. (Chief Technology Officer) / Sr. Vice-President. I have enjoyed performing the roles of a developer, analyst, designer, architect, manager over these years.

I have travelled on business to many countries - USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Gibraltar, Malaysia, Bahrain, KSA, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria etc.

I am fortunate to have seen the transformations in the industry with software development life cycle management (Water fall, RAD, RUP, Agile) and methodologies (SSADM, OOADP) , quality models/systems adaptations from ISO, SEI CMMI etc. I have had a deep involvement in developing applications for such verticles as - Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Telecom, Media, and Gaming. I take a lot of pride with my applications enjoying long life serving the businesses in manufacturing, telecom, gaming and media.        

I have the pleasure of guiding teams to build large systems that supported thousands of connected users and hundreds of concurrent users on portals and applications. I have led major initiatives on building systems for Learning, Knowledge Management and portals. I led from front in IT capacity planning, system performance monitoring and running data center operations for supporting business application for online gaming environment.