What do we  want to be


There are two allied powers in man: Knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge is so much of the truth, seen in distorted medium, as the mind arrives at by grouping; Wisdom what the eye of divine vision sees in the spirit ….. What men call knowledge is reasoned acceptance of false appearance, WISDOM LOOKS BEHIND THE VEIL AND SEES … Reason divides, fixes details and contrasts them, Wisdom unifies, marries contrasts in a single harmony.


Knowledge worker (KW)

Wisdom Worker (WW)

A KW tends to follow a hectic life-pattern. He is usually a roamer.


A WW tends to evolve an internal life-pattern. He can also soar.

A KW thinks all knowledge is objective.

A WW feels all knowledge is finally subjective.


A KW is driven primarily by the urge to control the external environment and other persons.

A WW’s primary focus is on control of himself; control or influence over others is in proportion to control over himself.


A KW is usually egoistic, but not normally and truly effective in performance.

A WW is usually humble, as also truly effective in performance.


A KW is commonly very rights-conscious

A WW is prone to be much more duty conscious


A KW tends to think he can be so only by steering clear of all traditional wisdom

A WW believes he can so only by sincerely assimilating the core of traditional wisdom


A KW tends at the most towards ‘enlightened’ self-interest

A WW tends more often to subordinate his apparent self-interest for wider and bigger interests


A KW views life and progress linearly

A WW views life and progress cyclically


A KW trades in obsolescence

A WW in durability


A KW tends to dominate and exploit Nature as a resource

A WW befriends and embraces Nature with adoration as a partner in his life-scheme


A KW tends to be carried away by intellectual pyrotechnics

A WW rests on trans-intellectual base of steadiness